Cryptography and Security

18. August 2021


Cryptography and Security is a research group at Aarhus University.

Whenever you buy something online, check your e-mail or use your e-banking, there is a mathematical tool running behind the scene to make sure people cannot steel your information. This tool is called cryptography.

At the Cryptography and security group we do research in public-key cryptography, cryptographic protocols and quantum cryptography. Public-key cryptography draws inspiration from both complexity theory and algebra, more specifically number theory and algebraic geometry, and is extremely useful in practice. The cryptographic protocol research area is experiencing an extremely fast development, where the group contributes both to the basic theory of the field and to efficient constructions and implementations. In quantum cryptography, the group contributes with efficient experimental implementations as well as theoretical work.

For over 30 years we have done research in Secure Multiparty Computation. Aarhus University and The Alexandra Institute are world leaders in this technology.

Notable people

Professor Ivan Bjerre Damgård
Professor Jesper Buus Nielsen