Cyber Hub believes in a world-class Danish cyber industry

17. November 2021

Cyber Hub has one overarching agenda: To mature the growth journey for Danish cybertech startups. On the one hand, the demand for cybertech solutions is increasing significantly, and on the other hand, Danish cybertech startups have the potential to design, develop and sell world-class cybertech solutions. Cyber Hub promotes an ecosystem for various players, including startups, universities, researchers, students, businesses and investors. At Digital Tech Summit, Cyber Hub looks forward to meeting all of you.

The need for cybersecurity is enormous, and Denmark has the potential to take the lead, says Lars Bajlum Holmgaard Christensen, Executive Director of Cyber Hub. The Industry Foundation is funding Cyber Hub, which was established in 2019.

Cyber Hub believes
Lars Bajlum Holmgaard Christensen, Executive Director of Cyber Hub

“Cybertech is not only a vertical in line with fintech, healthtech or proptech. It is the foundation of all companies that digitize. As the strong tech nation we are, there is good reason to do everything possible to mature the ecosystem around a real cybersecurity industry in Denmark and thus create the best conditions for Danish cybersecurity startups to grow. This is our most important role in Cyber Hub,” says Lars Bajlum Holmgaard Christensen, Executive Director of Cyber Hub.

Strengthen and develop the ecosystem

At Digital Tech Summit, Cyber Hub has a booth with room for various cybertech startups who want to seize the opportunity to present their innovative solutions.

“We are very much looking forward to meeting students, researchers, startups, companies, and investors at Digital Tech Summit. We are in the process of strengthening and developing the ecosystem and connecting stakeholders through concrete development programmes and partnership models. There are plenty of hubs and clusters that take care of the needs you have as a startup. But to create the best growth conditions for cybersecurity startups, we develop plug-ins that support the cyber market. Cyber Hub offers incubation and accelerator programs, Solutions Lab and capital to support the development of innovative cyber solutions,” says Lars Bajlum Holmgaard Christensen.

“Cybertech startups are experiencing a number of challenges that we want to address at Digital Tech Summit. It can be difficult to go to market as a cybertech startup. Many business leaders are unsure of what they need and who to buy the solutions from. In addition, many cybertech startups need help to commercialize and communicate their solutions. That’s why the ecosystem around cybertech startups is especially important,” he says.

First big meetup for cybertech startups

Cyber Hub’s first big meetup for the 30 or so cybertech startups in the ecosystem will be on Thursday, 30 November from 12:30-14:15 at Digital Tech Summit. The agenda for the meetup session is to share experiences, successes, and failures as a startup and to network.

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