11. June 2021

Cybercue has received our Cyberboost funds to develop an app capable of warning about impending security breaches.

Cybercue is an upcoming warning-app, with the purpose of helping Danish companies get tailored notifications of security flaws, software errors and vulnerabilities regarding the IT used by the company.

Cubercue won first prize in the competition “Cyber Security Challenge 2019” in the category for companies and entrepreneurs, under the concept name “Cybervarsel”. The competition was held by the Danish Business Authority to get ideas for how SMBs can elevate their level of digital security.

Since their win, Cybercue have worked diligently to realize their winning idea. Cybercue together with the Alexandra Institute applied for and received Cyberboost funds in the autumn of 2020.

Their grant of DKK 100,000 gave the Alexandra Institute the possibility of analyzing Cybercue’s security model, to come up with solutions with multiple levels of privacy for the app’s users. On top of this, the grant was used to develop different ways of handling user identities.

We contributed with our vast knowledge of security and privacy technologies, and with this an idea of how to achieve the most secure architecture. It was an iterative process, where we developed three distinct architecture suggestions and evaluated pros and cons. It was exciting for us to participate and applying our knowledge of privacy technologies and problems in a specific circumstance.

Mads Schaarup Andersen, Senior Usable Security Expert at the Alexandra Institute (Translated)

Important results and priceless knowledge

After analyzing the different solutions, it was clear to us that the decision of which solution to implement, should be made early in the design process, because it has big consequences for the architecture. We would not have obtained these results without the funds from Cyberboost. As a small startup without funding, the resources are limited. Due to this we have obtained priceless knowledge via our project with the Alexandra Institute – on top of this our network of experts in privacy and cybersecurity has been strengthened.

Eskil Sørensen, Founder of Cybercue (Translated)

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