Danish Cyberstartups Overview

A great demand for cybersecurity can turn it into a market niche, a growth opportunity and a competition parameter. In order to make this happen we need to strengthen the digital transformation of established industries in cybersafe ways and develop a strong ecosystem for a cybersecurity tech industry. Danish cyberstartups are key to realising this potential.

Cybersecurity solutions are essential to improve cybersecurity in any organization, system, or product. Therefore, we have created an innovative cybertech ecosystem – just as other tech ecosystem in financial technology, health technology etc.

Cybersecurity is not just compliance or merely another technology. Considering that all digital innovation depends on access to data and computing power, all digital product development and innovation are in desperate need of strong cybersecurity solutions. Cybersecurity is a necessity for every single company and organization as they become increasingly digitized.

In our community, we promote innovation and a growth mindset within cybertech which will not only improve the development of cybersafe Danish products, but also help mature a growing innovation landscape and promote the Danish cybersecurity industry.