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Cyberboost Projects

Get inspired by some of the Cyberboost projects that Cyber Hub has funded so far, or contact us at info@cyberhub.dk to learn more

Current Projects

IOT Cybersecurity: Dansk Standard and Alexandra Instituttet are developing a collection of relevant cybersecurity standards to help SMEs working on IOT products.

Partner lead: Gert Læssøe Mikkelsen, Alexandra Institute

Cyberboost Projects
Cyberboost Projects

Network analysis platform: Aalborg University, BAAA (Erhvervsakademi Aarhus) JN Data, EnergiCert and Combitech are developing an exisiting platform to help companies prepare for cyberattacks on a virtual training platform.

Partner lead: Jens Myrup Pedersen, Aalborg University CPH

Aalborg University
Cyberboost projects

Distributed password management between UX and security: Aalborg University and the startup Password Crypt are exploring how to combine user friendliness and password protection solutions.

Partner lead: Peter Vistisen, Aalborg University

Secure IoT Analytics powered by Multi-Party Computation and Network Coding: Aarhus University is collaborating with the startup Chocolate Cloud and Partisia in order to explore IOT-data storage in the cloud.

Partner lead: Ivan Bjerre Damgård, Aarhus University

Cyberboost projects

User perspectives on cybersecurity: University of Southern Denmark, Kolding collaborates with the startup Derant to develop prototypes of behaviour designs. They collect data ‘where the action is’, that involves users in various organisational settings to explore how cybersecurity can be made relevant and more easily understandable.

Partner lead: Johannes Wagner, University of Southern Denmark

Cyberboost projects
Cyberboost projects

Previous Projects

Capability-Based Command Protocol (CBCP): University of Southern Denmark, Odense collaborates with the startup QuasiOS and Universal Robots. The purpose of the Capability-Based Command Protocol (CBCP) project is to demonstrate how
capability systems in modern operating systems can be used as the foundation for a new
communication and control protocol that is both secure and flexible.

Partner lead: Jacopo Mauro, University of Southern Denmark

Read the article about the project Here

Cybercue – “Cybervarsel”
Collaboration between Alexandra Instituttet and the startup Sikkerhedskommunikation. The projects aim was to develop a tool for SMEs to easily control their devices with tailored alerts about specific threats and updates.

Partner: Alexandra Institute

Cyber Law – “Regulering og Governance”
In this project CBS Law and the lawfirm Gorrissen Federspiel mapped and analyzed rules and policies relating to cybersecurity and developed a tool to disseminate knowledge to private and public companies in a user-friendly way.

Partner: Søren Sandfeld Jakobsen, Copenhagen Business School