Meet our new employees

8. September 2021

Niclas de Souza Hannisdal

Head of Entrepreneurship and Talent Development

Niclas de Souza Hannisdal has joined Cyber Hub in September 2021 as a full-time employee. He is responsible for strengthening entrepreneurship and talent development in early-stage startups. Niclas connects startups with research and educational institutions, enabling practical innovation.

He is specialized in innovation processes and entrepreneurship and has worked at VentureCup and Tech BBQ. He holds a Master’s degree in Science in Economics and Business Administration from SDU.  

Niclas is from Sønderborg and has a passion for aviation and drones, roller coasters, and specialty beers. 

Torkil Ejdesgaard-Hansen

Head of Community Activities

Torkil Ejdesgaard-Hansen has joined Cyber Hub in August 2021 as a full-time employee. He is responsible for strengthening our community activities and the relation-building between startups, knowledge partners, and investors. Torkil plans and handles all events and networking arrangements for all stakeholders in our Cyber Hub ecosystem.

He is specialized in developing, planning, and handling conferences and networking groups and has worked at Altinget and Mandag Morgen. He holds a Master’s degree in Social Science from London School of Economics and a Cand. Soc. in Political Communication and Management from CBS.

Torkil is from the Faroe Islands and is a passionate consumer of Copenhagen’s cultural life, listener of heavy metal from the 1980s, and practitioner of traditional karate. 

Henriette Dragø

PR and Communications partner

Henriette Dragø has joined Cyber Hub in August 2021 as a part-time employee. She is responsible for strengthening our communications strategy, key messaging, content production, and press activities. Henriette is specialized in tech communication and PR during the past 20 years and has worked in Copenhagen-based PR agencies.

Since 2008 she has worked as independent senior communications advisor for both large software vendors and small tech startups. She holds a Master’s degree in English and Cultural Studies from Aalborg University and is a CBA student in Digital Transformation at AVT Business School. 

Henriette is from Skagen and is a passionate consumer of podcasts and theatres, listener of classic rock from the 1970s, and practitioner of winter bathing.