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Solutions Lab

Collaborating with researchers, talented students and larger companies can help improve and legitimize a cybertech solution. Through activities in our Solutions Lab, Cyber Hub makes it easier for companies, researchers, and startups to share knowledge and collaborate on improving cybersecurity solutions.

Qualified case activities with small, medium or larger companies as the pivotal point can support a series of business parameters. Companies are inspired and gain new insights, and startups get to work with real companies to improve their solutions

Cybersecurity as a product feature

This project, led by Cyber Hub is a shift away from seeing cybersecurity as a compliance task to seeing it as a product feature that not only creates secure products, but also creates competitive advantages. It involves startups from a wide range of tech ecosystems. They act as relevant case studies on how to improve cybersecurity in different tech ecosystems, and are matched with cybertech startups from our community to build in cybersecurity as a product feature. Our strategic innovation partner Bodil Biering is the project manager. The project steering group consists of our Executive Director Lars Bajlum Holmgaard Christensen, Founder and CEO of Health Tech Hub Copenhagen Jesper Grønbæk, and Hub Director of PropTech Danmark Jakob Stoumann.

Contact us at info@cyberhub.dk